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Bowed legs for children are the main causes of calcium and vitamin D deficiency

There are many symptoms that affect children in their bones for a variety of reasons, including the lack of calcium and vitamin D in the body, and it is necessary to have a health awareness by conducting a calcium examination for children, especially in the growth stage, from the beginning of the primary stage, in order to avoid any complications in the child’s body that lead to symptoms Serious orthopedic, after which drug treatment is difficult.

According to the “health line” medical website, calcium deficiency comes as a result of lack of proper nutrition for the child’s body, and vitamin D deficiency comes mostly due to lack of good exposure to beneficial sunlight during the permitted times, pointing out that the most prominent diseases that can affect the child due to Vitamin deficiencies and the necessary nutrition are:

1- Pain in all the bones of the body

2- Arched legs at an early age.

3- Softening of the bones at the level of the whole body.

4- Osteoporosis sometimes in the long term.

5- Ease of breaking bones in various joints in the body.

The medical report published on the website added that the treatments here come with a good diagnosis, and conducting examinations for the child, in addition to continuous awareness of the proper nutrition of the child, especially dairy products, eggs, and fish, with the child’s exposure to sunlight to gain vitamin D, and it is possible to intervene with drug treatment by giving the child Oral calcium and vitamin D, if the child's condition warrants it.

He explained, that bone pain directly affects the child's situation in the study, and the lack of focus in his daily duties, and attention must be paid to it and prompt intervention to solve it so as not to affect the normal practice of his life.