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Attention is directed to the Carthage Palace..Who are the candidates for the presidency of the Tunisian government?

Attention is directed to the Carthage Palace in Tunisia to know the next head of government, who will succeed Hisham Al-Mashichi, the article, which President Kais Saied is expected to reveal in the coming hours, in the context of the next steps of President Kais Saied after his decisions to suspend the work of Parliament, strip its members of immunity and dismiss Prime Minister Hisham ambulatory.

Expectations indicate that the nominated figure will be from the circle surrounding President Qais Saeed, provided that it has the approval of the national organizations whose leaders Said received yesterday, Monday, at the Carthage Palace, to clarify the decisions he took, and to consult with them about the next stage.

According to Al-Arabiya, the names of two candidates were circulated and leaked, namely, the former Minister of Interior, Tawfiq Sharaf El-Din, who was sacked after he made security modifications that were rejected by Prime Minister Hisham Al-Mashishi, and he is one of the closest personalities to President Qais Saeed, a lawyer who previously supervised the management of Saeed’s campaign in Sousse Governorate during the 2019 presidential elections.

As for the second candidate to head the government, he is a person with economic and financial orientations, and he is the Minister of Finance in the government of Elias Fakhfakh Nizar Yaish, who was known for his strict stances on corruption and his professionalism during his tenure in the ministry.

Nizar Yaish is close to President Kais Saied. He had previously met him last March, and gave him a detailed presentation of the state of the economy, public finances and the budget and its direct threats to national security, as well as a set of proposals and perceptions of solutions and reforms to help Tunisia in the current economic crisis.

Tunisian President Qais Saeed had taken a package of successive exceptional decisions, starting on Sunday evening, to stop the state of confusion in the country as a result of the practices of the Brotherhood’s Ennahda movement, which controls the legislative authority in the country, as he decided to freeze the work of Parliament and lift the immunity of deputies, while exempting Hisham Meshishi. , Head of Government in charge of managing the affairs of the Ministry of the Interior, Ibrahim El-Bertajy, Minister of National Defense, and Hasna Benslimane, Minister to the Head of Government in charge of public service and Acting Minister of Justice, provided that the secretaries-general or those charged with administrative and financial affairs at the head of the government and the aforementioned ministries manage their administrative and financial affairs until Nomination of a new prime minister and new members.

The decisions of Kais Saied received massive popular support, as thousands of Tunisians gathered in the squares to celebrate these measures that would address the state of confusion caused by successive governments in Tunisia along with the parliament's management of the political scene, which failed to respond to the aspirations and aspirations of the Tunisian people.