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All you want to know about laughing gas and why is it used in some cases?

The Independent newspaper announced the death of a newborn baby in a hospital in western Sydney after inhaling nitrous oxide gas known as laughing gas, instead of inhaling oxygen gas, as a result of a medical error in the installation of equipment from the nursing staff inside the hospital, which led to the death of the infant hours after his birth.

The baby, "John", received nitrous oxide gas after his birth from a caesarean section, only to discover that doctors had been infected with bacteria associated with neonatal sepsis, a type of sepsis that indicates the presence of a bacterial infection in the blood, such as bloodstream infections.

The hospital administration conducted an extensive investigation into the accident to determine the cause of death, until it was found that the gas pipeline was installed by mistake, which resulted in the accident.

Nitrous oxide is called N2O, laughing gas and is a mild calming agent that helps relieve anxiety and stress and gives you a feeling of happiness.

According to a report published on the Express website, there are some properties of nitrous oxide, known as laughing gas:

1. Nitrous oxide calms your nervous system.

2. It is a safe way to sedate and relax patients.

3. May lead to headaches and excessive sweating.

4. Inhalation of laughing gas may result in drowsiness, nausea and vomiting.

5. Laughing gas is used for patients who do not respond adequately to local anesthesia.

6. It is also used for young patients who have to undergo long dental interventions.