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All you need to know about the rare hypersomnia syndrome? .. After an Indian fell asleep for 300 days

Hypersomnia is one of the serious diseases that occur to a very rare number of people around the world, which is called hypersomnia (HPA), which occurs as a result of disorders of the adrenal glands that affect the sleep hormone and cause the person to be excessively sleepy.

According to a report published in the "Times of India" website, we will discuss during the next report the most important information about hypersomnia.


What is hypersomnia?

A disease that occurs as a result of disorders in the adrenal glands, during which the person suffers from intermittent sleep for long periods of up to 25 days.

Why does hypersomnia occur?

Hypersomnia may also occur as a result of a disorder in a brain protein known as TNF-alphak, which is associated with many biological functions such as excessive sleepiness and sleep apnea.

What is the difference between hypersomnia and normal people?

The affected person suffers from excessive sleep for up to 25 days intermittently, while the normal number of sleep hours for normal people is 6 to 8 hours per day.

How does hypersomnia affect the sufferer?

Sleep contributes greatly to achieving balance in many important functions such as learning, memory, increasing knowledge and the ability to absorb, because changing sleep schedules from normal rates affects the daily pacemaker and other diseases.

Are rare cases of this disease recorded in the world?

An Indian media reported that a man from the Indian region of Nagore had contracted this rare disease, and the medical staff confirmed that this man spent about 300 days a year sleeping, due to a sleep disorder.