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All you need to know about the causes, symptoms and treatment of corneal disease

The cornea is the outer part of the eye, and any inflammation in it leads to swelling. Bacterial, parasitic, viral and fungal infections and infections are the most common causes of keratitis. The main goal of the cornea is to improve focus and provide a clear vision for the eyes. It also causes irritation and sensitivity to light. There are different causes and types of keratitis in the eye and treatment is offered based on this, according to the website "onlymyhealth".

Causes of keratitis


eye infection -

If something happens such as getting something in your eye or something else causing injury to the eye.


eye injury -

If you hit your eye severely, causing damage to the cornea.

contact lenses:

People who wear contact lenses regularly and even wear them overnight can develop keratitis, and keeping contact lenses clean is important to prevent eye infections and inflammation.


Herpes simplex virus:

If you have a cold or mouth sores due to the herpes simplex virus, you are more likely to develop viral keratitis.


dry eyes

If your eye dries quickly, it can cause keratitis due to lack of moisture in the eye.


Types of keratitis:


Corneal injury.


- Eye allergy.


Wearing contact lenses for a longer period of time.


Light sensitivity.


Vitamin A deficiency.


Dry eyes or lack of moisture inside the eyes.


What are the symptoms of keratitis?


Eye pain.


- Keratitis.


Blurred vision.


Redness and irritation of the eyes.

Watery discharge with itching.


Light sensitivity or photophobia.


Keratitis treatment


Antibacterial eye drops:

  It is given to people who have had bacterial keratitis.



  In some cases of serious keratitis, a person will prescribe antibiotics to prevent the spread of the bacterial infection.


Antifungal drugs:

People who have had fungal keratitis are prescribed antifungal medications. They may need surgery if the condition does not improve.


Antiviral drugs:

In cases of viral keratitis caused by the herpes simplex virus, antiviral drugs help. However, viral keratitis may recur.