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10 benefits of the gas regulator.. the most important of which is the increase in the quantities traded in the Egyptian market

The impact of the Gas Market Activities Regulatory Authority extends to include various objectives, the first and most important of which is related to the economic dimension, as it will contribute effectively to promoting economic growth and competitiveness. The following are the most important information related to the importance of its establishment, which were as follows.

1- Transforming Egypt into a regional energy hub.

2- One of the important mechanisms that serve to achieve the vision of developing and modernizing the petroleum sector.

3- Securing multiple sources of gas for the local market.

4- Increasing the quantities of gas traded in the Egyptian market to keep pace with the needs of economic growth.

5- Achieving a return for the petroleum sector for the first time from the assets represented in the national network for natural gases and the operations of establishing and extending networks.

6- Achieving a return to the petroleum sector from the transportation activity after converting it into an economic activity that covers its costs and makes a profit.

7- Providing an opportunity to enter the Egyptian market, which is characterized by its diversity and breadth, which will encourage and stimulate investments in the field of developing and producing natural gas.

8- Setting standards to measure the quality of services provided to users of networks and facilities by licensed operators of those networks to improve their quality.

9- Protection of the gas market parties, as the agency will monitor and follow up the implementation of contracts in accordance with the law regulating gas market activities in a manner that ensures the protection of all parties.

10- Improving and maximizing the utilization of facilities through licensing fees, which are fees paid by license applicants in return for allowing them to practice one of the activities subject to regulation by the Agency.