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Turkish reports: Galatasaray uses Mustafa Muhammad to annex Karim Hafez

Turkish club Galatasaray, a professional club within its Egyptian international ranks, is racing against time to sign Karim Hafez, left-back Malatyaspor, in the current summer transfers.

 According to the Turkish "haber7" website, Abdul Rahim Al-Birak, the vice-president of Galatasaray, will hold a meeting with Malatyaspor officials to include the Egyptian full-back as soon as possible.

The site indicated that Mustafa Mohamed's close relationship with Karim Hafez, the player of the Tigris Valley and the former Basaksehir, may have a role in the deal.

Karim, 25, participated in 33 matches in the Turkish league, the end of the season, and made 9 goals, while the contract of the former Lance player extends until 2023.

Karim Hafez participated with Malatya Sport in 33 matches in the last edition of the Turkish League competition, made 9 goals and has a continuous contract until 2023, and was chosen in the “Formation of the Week” on more than one occasion after his brilliance with his club, as he is the most considered player in the history of the Turkish club industry. goals in one season.

The Egyptian international Karim Hafez, player of Malatya Sport, was in the perfect formation of the Turkish League for the past season 2020/2021, after his remarkable brilliance in his team's matches, through which he was able to lead the club to stay in the competition, after a series of negative results that they faced in the middle of the season's matches.

According to the Turkish "sporx ekstra" website, Karim with Malatyaspor has faced difficulties in the Premier League this season, but Karim Hafez was able to maintain his steady performance in the left-back area.

The site added: "The 25-year-old Egyptian left-back, who played 9 assists in 33 Premier League matches, was one of the highlights of the season."

Malatyaspor club finished the Turkish league in fifteenth place after it was threatened with relegation to the lower division, but in the last weeks of the competition, it was able to collect 45 points from winning 10 matches, drawing in 15 matches and losing the same, scoring 49 goals and receiving 53 goals.