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The US Special Envoy for Libya stresses the necessity of holding the national elections on time

The US Special Envoy to Libya, Richard Norland, stressed the need to hold the Libyan national elections on their scheduled date, December 24 of this year.


This came - according to the "Africa Gateway" news website - during a phone call made by Libyan Deputy Prime Minister Ramadan Abu Jinnah, with the US envoy, during which they discussed security, unification of military forces, national reconciliation and preparations for elections in Libya.


During the call, the US envoy condemned the terrorist attack that targeted Sabha, expressing his condolences to the families of the victims, and stressing the United States' support for the Libyan government's ongoing efforts to improve security in the south, unify the country's military forces, increase border control in the southern region, and protect Libyan sovereignty.


The US envoy noted that all previous issues will be on the table during the upcoming Berlin ministerial meeting, welcoming the Deputy Prime Minister's firm commitment to achieving sustainable reconciliation throughout Libya.


It is reported that the director of Sebha security, Brigadier-General Sanusi Saleh, said that an investigation team was formed to investigate the ISIS bombing, which targeted the Al-Mazeq junction point on the Sabha-Barak road.

The director of security issued a warning, in statements to the Libyan channel 218, of the seriousness of the situation in southern Libya, calling for swift action to control ISIS gangs and sleeper cells there.

The terrorist bombing claimed the lives of two criminal investigation personnel in Sabha, while three others were wounded, one of whom was admitted to intensive care.

Al-Senussi Saleh said that a medium-sized transport vehicle rigged with an explosive device, driven by an unidentified person, exploded while the security forces of the gate were near it.

The terrorist organization ISIS announced its responsibility for the operation that targeted the gate there.