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The New York Times: The Biden administration will send 500 million doses of the Vaez vaccine to 100 countries of the world

The New York Times said that President Joe Biden, under pressure to deal with the global vaccine shortage crisis, will announce today, Thursday, that his administration will purchase 500 million doses of Pfizer vaccine and donate them to about 100 countries around the world over the next year, according to what people said. are familiar with the matter.

 According to the newspaper, the White House reached the agreement before the start of Biden's eight-day tour in Europe, which is his first opportunity to confirm the United States' status as a global leader and restore relations damaged in the period of his predecessor, President Donald Trump.

 The newspaper quoted informed sources with Pfizer that the United States will pay for the doses at non-profit prices. The first 200 million doses will be distributed by the end of this year, followed by 300 million doses next June. Vaccines will be distributed through the International Vaccine Sharing Initiative Kovacs.

 Biden is currently in Europe for a week to participate in the NATO and Group of Seven summits, and then meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva. He will likely use his tour to invite other countries to ramp up vaccine distribution.

In a statement yesterday evening, Wednesday, Jeffrey Zentes, who is responsible for advising the global vaccine strategy, said that Biden will rally the world’s democracies around solving this crisis globally, with America leading the way to create an arsenal of vaccines that will be important in the global fight against Covid 19.

The White House is trying to highlight its success in fighting the epidemic, especially its campaign for the vaccine, and using this success as a diplomatic tool. Biden insisted that the United States does not seek to obtain promises from countries that receive American vaccines.