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The Iraqi commission closes the door for candidacy for the upcoming elections permanently

Today, Sunday, the Iraqi Electoral Commission closed the door for candidacy for the upcoming elections permanently, noting that the announcement of the preliminary results and the end of the voting process are separated by only 24 hours.

The commission stated, in a statement, that "with the approval of the Council of Commissioners on the final numbers of the general polling stations numbering (8273) centers and the general polling stations of 55 thousand and 41 stations, indicating that the general voter register includes 24 million and 29 thousand and 927 voters, including newborns. The new voters (2001/2002/2003), numbering 988,435 voters.

She added that the commission had formed a committee earlier, headed by a member of the Board of Commissioners and a number of specialized employees, that visited the camps of the displaced to count their numbers in the camps for the purpose of biometric registration. The number of registered voters reached 120,126 displaced voters.

The Commission explained that the Board of Commissioners unanimously decided that the date for announcing the preliminary results would be within 24 hours of the polling process (public and private) and after the electronic and manual sorting and counting of stations to be selected from each polling station, and in the event of a difference in the results of the sorting and manual counting from the The electronic results of 5% are due to the manual counting and counting of all polling station stations.