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The Football Association: It is difficult for Zamalek not to play any matches in the league before Al-Ahly postponements

Football Association officials confirmed that it will be difficult to implement the Zamalek club's request that the white team not play any league matches before the Al-Ahly club plays all its postponed matches in the same tournament.

Jabaliya officials explained that Al-Ahly Club has 6 postponed matches, and it is difficult for Zamalek to stop playing until Al-Ahly plays these postponements in light of the red team's association with my matches before the Champions League Final and the final match if it qualifies.

Jabaliya officials added that Al-Ahly matches will be pressed in the coming period so that it plays its delays and finishes them, with the establishment of matches for Zamalek in the league also because if Zamalek waits for Al-Ahly to play all its deferrals, it will play in the league after two months, which will affect the fitness and readiness of Zamalek players on the one hand, as well as the end of the league On the scheduled dates for him.

The meeting of the Football Association with the clubs yesterday witnessed the presence of Hussein Al-Sayed, a member of the committee in charge of managing Zamalek, and the latter asked Al-Jabaliya not to play the league matches until after Al-Ahly and the rest of the clubs played the postponed matches, and Jabaliya officials promised him to find a solution to the crisis.