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The Czech Republic allocates 10 million kroner in emergency aid to the cyclone-affected municipalities

Czech Finance Minister Alina Chilrova said that the government will allocate 10 million Czech crowns as emergency aid to meet the immediate needs of the municipalities affected by the hurricane that hit some areas in the southeast of the Czech Republic.

And (Radio Prague) said today (Saturday) that the Ministries of Regional Development and Agriculture will provide 500 million kroner to the affected municipalities in the coming days.

The radio indicated that firefighters conducted more than a hundred search operations in areas in southern Moravia in the Czech Republic that were badly affected by a hurricane that hit last Thursday evening, to search for any survivors who may be stuck under the rubble after many buildings were damaged and are surveying the affected areas.

On the other hand, the number of people who died as a result of the cyclone rose to 5. It also caused power cuts to tens of thousands of homes, and treatment was provided to hundreds of people who were injured in the disaster.

It should be noted that the last hurricane to hit the Czech Republic was 3 years ago, but it was light, as it was classified within the first category on the Fujita scale (5 degrees).