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The benefits of rice water for hair are many.. Learn how to prepare it

Rice water is one of the basic natural materials that can be used as a hair care product for thousands of years, and rice water may be the password to get long, strong and shiny hair. .

What is rice water?


According to the Cleveland Clinic, rice water is the starchy liquid that forms when rice is soaked or cooked in water.

Rice water benefits for hair


Dr. Khitarpal said rice water contains many nutrients that make rice one of the most important food sources, including an antioxidant known as inositol, which is touted as a hair rejuvenator.

Rice water is also rich in:

Vitamin B.

Vitamin E.


- manganese

- Zinc.

The benefits of rice water for hair are endless, it can make your hair shinier and stronger while reducing annoying tangles.

Methods of making rice water


There are three main ways to make rice water, including:

Soaking in water lasts from 30 minutes to two hours.

Boil the rice and water mixture.

Long soaking for one or more days to ferment the water.

Dr. Khitarpal said that soaking the rice from half an hour to two hours provides the best way to use the rice water, as she notes that the boiling process may reduce some of the nutrients in the rice, while prolonged soaking can add bacteria to the rice water.

Most instructions on the Internet for making rice water require that the rice be rinsed before the process begins and the final product filtered.