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Study: HIV-positive people are twice as likely to die from sudden cardiac death

A study issued by the University of California revealed that people with HIV are more likely to suffer from sudden cardiac death, after examining a microscopic image of a T-cell of a person infected with the virus, according to a report published on the Medical Express website.

The researchers noted that HIV-infected individuals are more than twice as likely to die from sudden cardiac death (SCD) than those without, and their hearts are more likely to be prone to fibrosis, a factor that may play a role in their increased susceptibility to the disease.

The study also indicated that a third of sudden deaths during the period from 2011 to 2016 were due to heart causes among people living with HIV, and the researchers attributed this to the discovery of genetic or molecular risk factors that are among the risk factors that lead to sudden cardiac death, which is a major cause of death from diseases. the heart.

The researchers focused on monitoring the heart rates of people living with HIV, as it was found that they suffer from irregular heartbeats, as heart rates reached more than 87%, compared to normal levels.

The researchers explained that sudden cardiac death occurs when the electrical signals in the heart suddenly deviate and the heart stops pumping blood, and risk factors include coronary artery disease, heart attacks and previously diagnosed arrhythmias.

The researchers conducted a blood test among the infected to assess the causes of infection, and it was found that heart disease has been increasing in people with HIV recently, in addition to many other factors that put them at risk of this disease as well.