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Stock Exchange Chairman: The drama has darkened the stock market..and it is impossible for an investor to lose all his money

"He puts his hand on his heart in reference to a heart attack, and he repeats, I lost every penny in the stock market." This is how most writers of drama and cinema portray investors in the stock exchange, which negatively affects the mental image of the money market among viewers, and many citizens are reluctant to invest part of the money. Their savings in the stock exchange, although the latest studies have proven that the measurement of the return that a person who invested in the stock exchange would have achieved is higher compared to investing in gold, investing in bank deposits, or even investing in dollars.


In this regard, Dr. Mohamed Farid Saleh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Stock Exchange, said that the dramas oppressed the financial markets in general, whether locally or globally, through a scene depicting the investor who gets sick as a result of losing all his money on the stock exchange, which gave the impression to the masses of citizens that the stock exchange is not for everyone, adding An investor who knows the investment controls is impossible to lose all his money in the stock exchange; Because among the basics of investment is diversification of investments without concentrating them in one security or one sector, and all portfolio managers work to diversify their portfolio within the money market.


Farid stressed, in a video interview, for "The Seventh Day", that it is impossible for an investor to lose all his money in the stock market if he applies all the rules and controls; Because he will not invest in one share, but rather invest in more than one, in addition to his commitment to investing with his personal money, noting in this regard that the investor who risks investing with borrowed money is taking the risk in the event of price fluctuations in the market.


According to a previous study of the stock exchange, it revealed that investment in the stock exchange over the past twenty years was the highest return compared to other vessels, regardless of any fluctuations that occurred in the global and local markets, as investment in the stock exchange achieved a return of 1360% compared to a return of 843% of investing in gold, and 320 for those who invested in dollars, and only about 220 percent for investment in bank vessels.