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Putin announces that he has received the Sputnik V vaccine against the Corona virus

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he had received the Sputnik V vaccine against the emerging coronavirus, and Putin said - in his speech today, Wednesday, during the annual "Beeline" dialogue, in which he interacts with citizens and answers their questions - "When I got vaccinated against Corona, there were two vaccines." Only in Russia, and both are good,” noting that he did not consult the doctor when choosing the vaccine and decided to receive the (Sputnik V) vaccine, stressing that he did not complain after vaccination of any side effects.

On not revealing at the time the name of the vaccine he received, Putin said, “I was asked not to talk about the vaccine I received in order to avoid competition,” explaining that he is against compulsory vaccination, but at the same time he stressed that vaccination is the only way to curb the pandemic, and pointed out That about 10% of those who are vaccinated are infected with the Corona virus, and the vaccine reduces the risk of infection.

The Russian President had announced, in mid-April, that he had received the second dose of the vaccine against the Corona virus.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said through the direct line of dialogue with Russian citizens today, Wednesday, that only vaccination can stop the spread of the Corona virus pandemic.

Putin added - according to the Russian TASS news agency - that "this matter is well known, specialists have repeatedly said on television and on the Internet, as well as in all possible media and on all channels, that vaccination is the only way to prevent the epidemic from spreading further," stressing that That Russia has such a potential, since four "high-tech, safe and high-efficiency" vaccines were registered.