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Poll: More than 85% of Japanese are worried about holding the Tokyo Olympics amid Corona

An opinion poll showed that about 86 percent of Japan is concerned about the resurgence of the Corona virus if the Tokyo Olympics and Special Olympics are held this summer.

The survey - conducted by the Japanese news agency (Kyodo) and lasted for two days nationwide, and its results were published on Sunday, found that 40.3 percent believe that the Summer Games should be held without spectators, while 30.8% believe that it should be canceled in the first place.

The results show the extent of public skepticism about holding a major global event during the epidemic about a month before the start of the Olympics, as 68% also saw that the Japanese government's introduction of vaccines against Corona was slow.

The phone poll found that 50.8% believe that the government's decision last week to end the state of emergency in the capital, Tokyo, Hokkaido, Osaka and six other prefectures last Sunday, was too early.