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Petra: The King of Jordan announces the formation of a royal committee to modernize the political system

The Jordanian Royal Court said, on Thursday, that King Abdullah II announced the formation of the royal committee to modernize the political system led by Samir Al-Rifai, according to the Jordan News Agency.

The court added that King Abdullah sent a letter to Al-Rifai, in which he entrusted him with chairing the committee, whose task will be "to draw up a new draft law for elections and a new draft law for political parties, and to consider constitutional amendments that are legally related to the two laws and mechanisms of parliamentary action."

It is noteworthy that, King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein of Jordan commemorated the first centenary of the founding of the Jordanian state and the Jordanian Army Day, which Jordanians celebrate on the tenth of June of each year. King Abdullah published a picture of his memories on his official account on Twitter, which is Serves during his youth in the Jordanian army.

The Jordanian monarch, King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein, commented on the memories of the photo, saying: "Seeing the comrades-in-arms as we celebrate Army Day took me back to days dear to my heart during my service with many of them in our chosen Arab army. You are the impregnable shield of the homeland and bearers of the legacy of the founders who led the independence march. Jordan and its construction. We salute you on your day."

There are many forms of celebration of the Jordanian Army Day among Jordanians. This is in appreciation and pride for what this army offers in order to preserve the security of the homeland and the safety of its citizens. Every year, the celebrations witness the King giving a speech of thanks to the members of the Jordanian army, in appreciation of their efforts to preserve the nation’s fever, and then greeting and congratulations to the Jordanian King by officials and ministers, and then to individuals Jordanian army.

It also organizes celebrations in military sites, raising the flag of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and the image of the king, and reciting poems and words that describe the sacrifices of the Jordanian army, and the war battles that this army fought for the sake of the nation's elevation, in addition to honoring the injured who were damaged by wars, which caused them to be unable to To complete their journey in the service of the homeland, and to help the sons of the martyrs who paid with their lives to defend the homeland and its territorial integrity.