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Pakistan: We will not allow the United States to use our territory to carry out missions in Afghanistan

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has categorically affirmed that his country will "never allow" its territory to be used for operations inside Afghanistan.

"Of course not. We will never allow any bases or any business to be conducted from Pakistani soil inside Afghanistan," Khan said - in an interview with Axios on HBO, as reported by the official Pakistan News Agency, today (Saturday) -. No".

Khan's statement came in response to a question posed by his interlocutor, Jonathan Swan: "Would you allow the US government to have the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) present here in Pakistan to carry out cross-border counterterrorism missions against al-Qaeda, ISIS or the Taliban?"

The Pakistan News Agency that Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi recently ruled out, in a speech before the Pakistani Senate, the possibility of providing military bases for the United States for counter-terrorism operations in Afghanistan.

Qureshi denied reports that this is possible, stressing that they are unfounded, explaining that the government will never provide military bases to the United States, and will not allow drone attacks inside Pakistan.