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Natural antibiotics.. Get rid of bacterial infections through these foods

Antibiotics are commonly used to treat bacterial infections, but due to misuse and incorrect use, many bacteria today have become resistant to these drugs. Moreover, many antibiotics also come with side effects that can sometimes damage organs such as the liver and kidneys. Therefore, many people today are looking for natural alternatives to these drugs.

There are many home remedies and foods that act as natural antibiotics, so, instead of taking medications, you can try adding these foods to your daily diet to be safe from many bacterial infections.

These ingredients can not only prevent these bacterial infections, according to a healthsite report, but also help you fight off pathogens. These natural antibiotics reduce inflammation and increase the presence of protective good bacteria.

Here are some home remedies that act as natural antibiotics:



One of the best anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory foods you can find, containing ingredients like gingerol, terpenoids, shogaol, xerombone and zingerone as well as powerful flavonoids with antimicrobial properties, can help you fight many strains of bacteria effectively.

You can chew it after meals as a mouth freshener, some can be grated on salads, and you can also add some to your morning tea.

Onions and garlic


Onions are a rich source of cysteine ​​sulphoxides, as well as flavonoids that have amazing antibiotic effects.

Onions contain allicin, which can effectively fight many strains of bacteria. However, garlic can stop the pathogens responsible for common infections.


Honey is useful for fighting pathogens, but Manuka honey is stronger than other varieties. This honey is native to New Zealand. It has amazing antibiotic, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, but it should not be given to infants.