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Los Angeles pursues "Mexico gangs" in the largest raid on "drug dens"

The Los Angeles Police Department has seized the largest drug shipment in the county's history, amid accusations of Mexican smuggling gangs.

Fox News said in a report on Wednesday that one shipment in a series of raids that was conducted yesterday is estimated at $50 million, explaining that Los Angeles officials have detected drug dens and between 70 to 80 homes and warehouses in northern California have been destroyed. Lots of illegal marijuana

According to Fox News, authorities in the state brought in huge bulldozers to raid the scene, and completely leveled illegal cultivated areas — and hundreds of other outposts are said to be dealt with. One of the homes that was raided contained $50 million in seizures, according to Fox News.

Los Angeles officials launched the latest operation with up to 500 deputies and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to track down and destroy other marijuana plantations.

A security official revealed to Fox News that the raided sites are hotspots of criminal behavior with reports of Mexican gang members threatening residents with firearms, and Los Angeles farms extracting water from local alfalfa, carrot and potato farmers.

"By 2021, we will have to restore the concepts of law and order and make sure that these people are taken out of illegal work and that this community is returned to the population," the official added.

In the same vein, five men were detained at the site of the raid and who identified themselves as Mexican nationals who had just arrived in the United States last month.