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Japan's justice minister orders protection of Tokyo Olympics from terrorism and cyber attacks

Japanese Justice Minister Kamikawa Yoko has issued orders to heads of public security intelligence offices across the country on gathering information to protect the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics from terrorism and cyber attacks.

The minister asked, according to the Japanese broadcaster NHK, on ​​Monday, the heads of regional intelligence offices and other officials to work closely with relevant organizations in Japan and abroad to collect and analyze information ahead of the Tokyo Olympics, which are scheduled to start next month.

She pointed out that terrorist attacks occur all over the world and the allegations made by international terrorist groups on the Internet have spread widely.

The minister explained that malicious activities in cyberspace also pose serious threats, which requires Japan to tighten security measures with the approach of the Tokyo Olympics.

Two opinion polls revealed the decline of the Japanese people's opposition to the organization of the Tokyo Olympics, at a time when the rate of vaccination against the Corona virus increased and in conjunction with the start of the arrival of athletes to the country.

A survey conducted by the Japanese newspaper Yomiuri showed that 50% of the respondents believe that the Olympics should be held next July, an increase of 11% compared to a similar poll conducted by the newspaper in early May, and the percentage of those who said that the Games should be canceled decreased to 48% from 59% Postponement was not given as an option in the polls.

Japanese opinion polls tend to show the majority of respondents opposed to holding the Games this summer, supporting either a delay or another cancellation, and Japan's coronavirus vaccination campaign has begun to accelerate in recent weeks, with mass vaccination centers opening and more medical professionals allowed to administer injections.

Some athletes, including the Australian softball team, began arriving in Japan as well, under tight restrictions to control the spread of the virus, and while Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga tried to promote the organization of the Olympic Games as evidence of the world defeating the Corona virus, many Japanese were concerned about the That this event could instead turn out to cause an expansion of the spread of the coronavirus.

Another separate TBS poll found that 44% believed it necessary to continue organizing the global sporting event, an increase of 9 percentage points from last May, and reported that 31% supported canceling the Tokyo Olympics, while 24% called for another postponement.