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Japan to reduce Olympic-related visitors by 70%

The Japanese authorities decided to reduce the number of visitors associated with the Olympics by about 70%, according to Al-Arabiya TV, in breaking news.


Today, Friday, the government of the capital of Japan, Tokyo, began vaccinating employees and media workers who will work in the Olympics and Special Olympics, against the Corona virus.


Japan's Kyodo News Agency reported that the capital's government aims to vaccinate about 2,500 people per day until the end of next August, using the Pfizer vaccine provided by the International Olympic Committee.


Under an agreement between the American pharmaceutical company and the International Olympic Committee, Japan obtained about 40,000 doses of anti-Corona vaccines to vaccinate workers in the Tokyo Olympics, which are scheduled to open on July 23, and the Special Olympics, which is scheduled to start on August 24.


Persons eligible to be vaccinated using the doses obtained by Japan under the aforementioned agreement include employees and volunteers who will work in the athletes' village, competition venues, approved media and health workers.