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Hossam Hassan: 5 million is the value of the highest player .. and the coach of the national team must be a football legend

Hossam Hassan, coach of the Alexandrian Al-Ittihad team, confirmed that the mass clubs lost a large part of their strength with the absence of fans from the stands, and most of the current players did not see the fans.

Hossam Hassan said, in televised statements: “90% of the players of the current generation did not witness the presence of the fans in the stands, and the Egyptian fans are gourmets and love football.”

Hossam Hassan added: "The team ascended to the World Cup at a time when the fans were not convinced of the performance. There must always be a balance between realistic and fun football."

And the coach of the Federation continued: “Training the Egyptian national team is a great honor, but no official in the Football Association has contacted me, and I feel that there is an “intended disregard.”

He added, "I hope to achieve achievements for the Egyptian national team as a coach, as I achieved as a player, and the coach of the Egyptian national team must be a football legend and able to convince the players from a technical point of view."

And he added: “The highest player in the Egyptian league in the current generation does not deserve more than 5 million pounds per season, as for the vast majority of players, their contracts should not exceed one and two million only. Pyramids includes the quality of players capable of winning championships.”

Hossam Hassan said: "We were born in football" in Al-Ahly, and "we succeeded" in Zamalek... It was an honor for me to train the Egyptian national team or any of the two big clubs that I am always proud of.

He added: “I was sad because the officials in Al-Ahly left the matter floating and did not explain the fact that we left the club, and I hope that Al-Ahly issues a statement explaining the reasons for the departure of Hossam and Ibrahim Hassan from the club, and I am waiting for that until now.”

He continued: "Ibrahim Hassan cannot be compensated, no matter how much time passes, and a player with the same capabilities will not come in his position. The decision to return to Al-Ahly from Europe is an emotional decision, and if the matter was repeated again, I would have taken the same decision.

And he continued: "The wonderful relationship with the Zamalek fans was the motivation behind the successes we achieved, and the Zamalek fans appreciate "who works with his spirit", and I think he saw that in us, whether as players or even during our training period for the club.

He concluded: “I did not try to shine in Zamalek to prove Al-Ahly’s mistake in my decision to leave, but for my love for football and my dedication to my work, I played for Al-Ahly, Zamalek, Al-Masry and any team I played for in the same spirit and constant desire to shine.”