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French Ambassador to Beirut: The stability of the south means the stability of all of Lebanon

French Ambassador to Lebanon Anne Greu said: "I am visiting southern Lebanon for the second time to meet the residents of this key region in Lebanon. During my reception by the commander of the South Litani Sector in the Lebanese Army, Brigadier General P.S.C. Maroun Kobayati, I reiterated France's adherence to and support for the mission they are undertaking in close cooperation with the international forces. There, a stable south means a stable Lebanon," this came according to Lebanon's National News Agency.

She added, "Food security and education in Lebanon formed the core of my visit to the public school in Al-Baysiriya, which is one of eight public schools that benefit from the project to secure meals, funded by the French Development Agency in cooperation with the International Orthodox Charitable Association."

And she continued, "In my meetings yesterday with women and men who are involved and committed to their cities and Lebanon, I was drawn to the power of their persuasion, their perseverance and their creativity in order to move forward towards the future, and what they achieve with little or no potential is admirable. They are Lebanon's hope."

It is noteworthy that southern Lebanon is witnessing turmoil due to Israeli skirmishes on the common border with the Lebanese state. The tar patches that leaked earlier off the Israeli coasts and reached Lebanon in the south were threatened with an environmental catastrophe with effects for decades, which had caused tension again between the Israeli and Lebanese sides. The Lebanese caretaker prime minister, Hassan Diab, confirmed that he is following up on the oil spill, which was apparently caused by a ship passing near the coast of Israel and reached the shores of southern Lebanon.