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Euro 2020 .. Deschamps: The nations of Europe are more difficult than the World Cup.. France is the most fortunate

France coach Didier Deschamps admitted that his team is the most likely to win the European Nations Cup, especially after Karim Benzema joined the ranks of the "roosters", and he has "more options in attack, and there is still room for improvement", but he stressed at the same time that he is working on Do not turn ambition into "excessive confidence".

"Apart from quality and talent, there are other indispensable elements of mental level, strength and determination that allowed us to win in 2018," Deschamps said during an interview with EFE.

The coach stressed that he is not afraid of the Corona pandemic and “we must adapt, there is a slight advantage for the countries that will play on their soil, we planned everything for months.”

He considered that the favorites to win Euro 2020 are always five or six teams with ambition. Germany, Spain, Italy, England, France, the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as Portugal and Croatia, noting that there are other teams with the same ambition.

The Frenchman stated that the European Nations Cup is more difficult than the World Cup because World Cup groups usually include one or two modest teams. While the group (the roosters) at Euro 2020 includes three strong teams, which means that things have changed. "If you're not ready from the start, you'll go home," he stressed. "The differences have narrowed a lot, the weaker teams are doing well and they're making progress."

When asked about the possibility of France not being able to win the title and whether this would be considered a failure, he explained, "It will of course be described as such. We are the world champions. I understand that and the players as well. We have strength, efficiency, talent and players at the highest level, but other teams also have all that. Some think that "France we don't need to go to the stadium to win. That's the worst thing you can do, the positive factors should not turn into overconfidence. We can't think from now on Wembley, because we have to go first to Munich and then Budapest twice."

Deschamps highlighted that Karim Benzema's return to the national team did not cause any problems at all, stressing, "I took this decision because I knew that nothing would happen. Some in Spain or France might think that there was something, but there were no problems. He knows the group and most of the players well. .Things went very naturally and smoothly."

With regard to Zinedine Zidane's departure from Real Madrid training and what is said about the possibility of him taking over the responsibility of training (Le Bleu), Deschamps said, "I do not think about it. The same thing happened in 2018 when he left Real for the first time and I was preparing for the World Cup. I In the same situation, but of course I am the world champion now. I also have a contract until 2022."

The French team will start its matches in the tournament against Germany at nine in the evening next Tuesday at the "Alianza Arena" in the opening matches of the sixth group (Group of Death) of the group stage.