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Euro 2020 .. Denmark cancels "gags" and allows 25,000 fans to attend

The Danish government said it will scrap the wearing of face masks in most public places, and will allow 25,000 fans to attend the Euro 2020 soccer tournament in Copenhagen.

The European Nations competition "Euro 2020" will start tomorrow, Friday, in 11 European cities, and will last for a whole month, with the participation of 24 European teams, for the second time that this number of teams is present after the previous tournament "Euro 2016" in France.

According to Reuters, these decisions came after the easing of the closure restrictions that were applied at the borders.

Denmark plays in Group B alongside Belgium, Russia and Finland. Denmark is participating in the Euro for the ninth time in its history. It won the title in 1992 after defeating Germany in the final with two clean goals.

Denmark was eliminated from the semi-finals twice in 1964 and 1984, while it was eliminated from the quarter-finals in 2004, and was eliminated from the group stage 4 times.

The European Championship was supposed to be held in the summer of last year, but it was postponed for the current year due to the crisis of the Corona virus pandemic.

The European Nations Cup in 2021 will be held in 11 cities in 11 different countries, and these cities were revealed, as the Euro 2020 final will be held at Wembley Stadium in the English capital, London, and this stadium is for the England team, as it is usually called “among football”. It is scheduled to host this historic stadium for Britain, the semi-final matches and the final.