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Burning eyes and blurry vision.. Symptoms to be wary of after the age of forty

Eye pain has many causes and it is not required to have a specific disease in the eye, but there are many problems that begin with age and that start after the age of 40 years and more, depending on the person’s nature and health status, in addition to the genetic nature in the family to which he belongs. The person has hereditary diseases or not.

According to the “health line” medical website, there are many symptoms that affect the eye and suffer from it, especially the elderly of different ages, but they are not concerning to the general health of the eye, and the medical report published on the website said that, unlike eye diseases such as glaucoma and cataracts, Keratitis, there are pains felt by many elderly people, and it is necessary to consult a specialist doctor to determine the required drug treatment.

The report added, that the most prominent non-disturbing symptoms that usually appear after 40 years are:

1 burning eye.

2 Blurry vision.

3 tired eyelids.

4 Itchy eyes from time to time.

These symptoms indicate the presence of inflammation or dryness in the eye, and it is possible that no surgical intervention is required if the pain is proven in these symptoms only, and the treatment is only according to what the doctor prescribes with drops and anti-inflammatories.

The report pointed out the need to follow up the measurement of vision upon reaching the age of 40 years at the most, for those who enjoy good eye health, as the stage after this age may occur some changes that must be followed up with periodic examinations at least annually.