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British authorities arrest "James Bond" after threatening police officers

A man named James Bond threatened to shoot policemen during a six-hour standoff after causing such a noise that his neighbors had to file a police complaint, according to the New York Post.

A former British con man named James Bond, Agent 007, was sentenced to 27 months behind bars after threatening to shoot policemen in the teeth during a six-hour standoff, the newspaper said.

Bond, 55, left his neighbors in Manchester in a state of anxiety after drinking vodka and playing loud music. Prosecutor Lucy Wright said he was seen vomiting and falling in his garden before his neighbors reported him for his disordered behavior.

Bond shouted, "You're going to die...I'm going to shoot you!"

When the police were called for the second time, Bond grabbed a pistol and went upstairs to his house and started hurling insults at the cops. "I'm going to shoot you in the teeth," he told them, brandishing his weapon. After a six-hour standoff, he finally gave in.

Bond, who was previously convicted 18 times for 28 crimes, told the court that he was struggling to come to terms with losing his father to Corona just weeks before the accident, which made him lose his mind.

Judge Sophie McConne said Bond's actions were a "terrifying experience" for his neighbor, adding: "She continued to be aggressive and scream at people for hours. It lasted for hours and only after several more hours of negotiations did I give up... It led to fear and terror in the streets."

Bond pleaded guilty to possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear and violence and was sentenced to 27 months in prison.