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Britain announces agreement with America on the dispute over Boeing and Airbus

Britain announced an agreement with the United States on the dispute over Boeing and Airbus, according to Al Arabiya TV in an urgent news story.

An agreement between Brussels and Washington to resolve the 17-year Airbus-Boeing dispute

And the British Financial Times newspaper said that the European Union and the United States are preparing to resolve the 17-year-old dispute over aircraft subsidies, which raises the threat of imposing punitive tariffs worth billions of dollars on the economies of the two parties, in a move that strengthens the transatlantic relationship.

Diplomats and officials confirmed to the newspaper that two days of intense negotiations in Brussels have left the European Union and the Biden administration on the cusp of confirming an agreement on subsidy rules for Airbus and Boeing. The achievement is scheduled to be completed today, Tuesday, at the first summit meeting between the European Union and US President Joe Biden in Brussels.

Those close to the talks said that the governments of Airbus' three original countries in the European Union, "Germany, France and Spain", were consulted on an agreement that would be confirmed within hours unless there were last-minute obstacles, and people familiar with the talks said the agreement would likely take the form of an agreement. For many years on the limits of support.

The paper notes that a breakthrough would remove a cloud of uncertainty hanging over the aviation sector, while also removing the threat that US and European consumer goods could once again be subjected to punitive tariffs due to the dispute.

These duties, on a wide range of products ranging from French wine to American spirits, were lifted after the European Union and the United States agreed last March to suspend them for four months and begin negotiations on a solution.

The Financial Times says the Airbus-Boeing dispute is one of the longest fights in the history of the World Trade Organization, a dispute that both sides have admitted they cannot afford as they seek closer cooperation in dealing with China's model of state capitalism.