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Beware.. a type of oil that should not be applied to sunburn

Sunburn is one of the most famous skin problems in the summer, especially when going to the beaches to enjoy the sea water and escape from the heat of the weather. INSIDER: Coconut oil should not be used on sunburns because it can trap heat on your skin, prolonging the painful inflammation.

Coconut oil is used for many therapeutic purposes from antibacterial mouthwash to skin moisturizer.

Why you shouldn't put coconut oil on sunburns

Experts agree that coconut oil isn't a good treatment for a new sunburn, especially if you have rough or blistered skin. Coconut oil is a thick, solid, room-temperature oily substance similar to petroleum jelly and is one of the last things you want on sunburned skin because it doesn't cure. burn effect.

That's because applying any type of oil to a new sunburn will trap heat on the surface of your skin, exacerbating the burn. This can prolong inflammation and keep your skin hot and red for longer, prolonging the healing process.

When to use coconut oil

You can test the moisturizing abilities of coconut oil after the worst of sunburns have healed. It may not be as beneficial as other treatments, such as thickening moisturizing creams or aloe vera gel, which is an anti-inflammatory.

And you may want to try it on a patch of skin first if you don't experience any adverse reactions, you can apply it several times a day.