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An Emirati club enters the contracting struggle with Ferjani Sassi after the Zamalek trip

A source close to the Tunisian Zamalek midfielder Ferjani Sassi revealed that the player has an attractive offer from an Emirati club that exceeds the offer made to him to join the Qatari league, which made him rethink his next destination.

The source explained that Sassi completed all the procedures for his transfer to the Qatari league after agreeing with a major institution there responsible for three clubs, Al Duhail, Al Rayyan and Al Sadd, to join one of them, but after the emergence of the Emirati offer, the player’s thinking changed and began to think about changing his destination from the Qatari League to the UAE.

Hussein Labib, head of the temporary committee for the management of Zamalek club, spoke about the scenes of negotiations with the Tunisian international Ferjani Sassi, midfielder of the first football team, in order to renew his contract.

Labib said in a statement broadcast by Zamalek channel: “We took over the task and the Zamalek team was in a closed camp, and we were unable to hold a session with Sassi due to lack of time, and I tried to communicate by phone with the player before traveling to Tunisia, but his phone was switched off and we could not communicate with him, and he is one of the best players. professionals in Egypt.

He continued, "A letter was sent from Sassi's lawyer on May 15, and its content was that his dues must be paid before May 30, and this is the situation that we assumed responsibility for, and we succeeded in giving him his dues before this date."

And he added: “We are ready to negotiate with Ferjani Sassi on the new contract, and the player’s contract is extended until the end of the 2021 season, and contracts in Egypt do not have a date for the end of the competition, especially in the current conditions of Corona, and from our point of view, Sassi’s contract expires at the end of the season.”

Labib continued: "On 5 / 28, Ferjani Sassi officially notified us that we wanted to hold a session to negotiate the renewal, and on 5 / 6 we were surprised by the player's lawyer telling us that Ferjani Sassi's contract with the club had expired."

He added: “Until yesterday, I asked Mohannad Aoun, Ferjani Sassi’s agent, to hold a session to negotiate the renewal, and I confirmed that we will solve any problem facing the player, and I sent the message more than 5 times, but we did not receive any response.

And he continued: “The Zamalek administrators contacted Ferjani Sassi three days ago, and the player confirmed his return to Egypt after the end of the Tunisian team camp, and we welcome the extension of the player’s contract and the ball is currently in Sassi Stadium.”

He stressed, "We will meet the reasonable demands of the player if he has a desire to stay with Zamalek, but the team consists of 30 players, and we will work to maintain this strength."

Football Association officials revealed that, if Zamalek player Ferjani Sassi leaves the White Castle at the end of June, his new club has the right to obtain a temporary card for him through the International Football Association “FIFA”.

Gabaliya officials added that the Football Association cannot send Ferjani Sassi’s international card to his new club except during the registration period, which has not yet been determined, so if the player signs for any club and moves to it, a temporary card will be extracted for him and he shares it with the new club until he sends his card from Zamalek.

Mystery prevails over Ferjani Sassi’s fate with Zamalek, as the player has not renewed his contract with the team so far, at a time when there are reports of his signing for a Qatari club, but this news has not been confirmed so far.

The Zamalek club management committee, headed by Hussein Labib, inquires from the French Patrice Carteron, the technical director of the first football team, about the substitutes he identified for the administration to intervene in negotiations with them to compensate for the departure of the Tunisian international Ferjani Sassi, especially after Tunisian reports indicated that the player terminated his agreement with the Qatari club Al Rayyan. .