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Algeria's Minister of Information: We support preserving Egypt's interests by exploiting the Nile's resources

The Algerian Minister of Information (Communication) and the spokesperson for the Algerian government, Dr. Ammar Belhimer, affirmed Algeria's stance and support to preserve Egypt's legitimate interests in exploiting the Nile resources.

This came in a special statement for the seventh day on the issue of the Renaissance Dam, and Belhimer stressed that the Renaissance Dam is a vital and central issue for the Egyptian entity as a whole.

Belhimer added that Algeria has a fundamental and irreversible principle in dealing with Arab issues that we stand by Arab interests, whatever their nature and type.

In his statements, the Algerian minister stressed the depth of brotherly relations that unite Egypt and Algeria and extend for years throughout history and Egypt's support for Algeria.

In a related context, he stressed the importance of the meeting of the Council of Arab Information Ministers in its 51st session, which was hosted by the League of Arab States yesterday, Wednesday, because it comes in a special circumstance that the region is going through that requires activating all mechanisms and channels of communication between Arab countries and restoring Arab cohesion after a period in which the Arab ranks were dispersed.

On the other hand, he praised the importance of the Egyptian role in the cease-fire in Gaza and extending a helping hand by sending humanitarian and relief aid, and equipment to contribute to the reconstruction of what was destroyed by the Israeli raids on the Strip, stressing that Egypt has successfully achieved the equation.