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Abdul Jalil: I will use the adults to solve the clearing problems.. and the rights of the players will not be lost

Mohamed Abdel-Galil, the new coach of the clearing team, revealed that he will hold a session with the players in the first training he leads to the Fayoumi team, after he was assigned the responsibility, tomorrow, Thursday, after the 48-hour rest that the players received after the loss from Zamalek with two goals to a goal in the 27th round of the league’s life.

The clearing team will start preparing for the Tigris Valley match next Monday, starting from tomorrow, Thursday, at the sub-field of the Air Defense Stadium.

Abdul Jalil said in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day” that he will hold psychological sessions with the clearing players as soon as he takes over the task to find out the problems facing the players and work to solve them, and with regard to the delay in financial dues, he confirmed that there is a small part for the players and obtained a promise from the administration to solve them as soon as possible. .

Abdel Jalil stressed that there are no rights to be lost within the Fayoumi Club, and everyone who has a right will obtain it even if it is delayed, which is what I have been accustomed to since I worked in the club several years ago.

He explained that he held a session with Walid Howaidi, the director of football in the clearing, during which he agreed on the outlines for the next stage, revealing that he did not talk about any details regarding his assignment to the task, whether the duration of the contract or any other details, stressing that the trio Tariq Hajjaj, Islam Adel and Tariq Suleiman will continue to work with him. The apparatus assisting him in clearing training.

He added that he puts hope on the big players in the clearing ranks to overcome the current stage, such as Ahmed Moody, Hisham Mohamed, Bassem Morsi, Hosni Fathi, Essam Sobhi, Imad Fathi and Mahmoud Hamdi, because they will have a role with the Fayoumi team in the next stage.