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7 reasons behind the inflammation of the heel tendon and the feeling of pain in the foot .. Know the details

Many people suffer from pain in the heels, the most prominent of which is Achilles tendinitis, which causes severe pain, and a specialist doctor must be consulted to find out the necessary treatment methods for the condition. The tendon affects the heel bone, and there are a number of causes that lead to severe pain in the heels, and the most prominent causes of injury are the following:

1- Excessive walking usually causes tendinitis, especially for athletes.

2- Having a rheumatic disease.

3- Straining the leg muscles during repetitive exercise or physical activity.

4- Playing sports such as tennis that require quick stops and changes in direction.

5- Sudden increase in physical activity without allowing your body to adapt to increased training.

6- Wearing high-heeled shoes for long periods of time daily.

7- Old age also, as the tendon weakens with age.

The published medical report indicated that the most prominent symptoms of heel tendonitis are swelling in the heels, or the inability to move when bending the feet, in addition to discomfort during normal movement throughout the day.

He pointed out that the treatment of inflammation of the heels tendon includes home remedies by placing warm water daily, in addition to stopping the causes of the aforementioned disease, most notably excess weight and leg muscle effort, and excessive walking and surprising the feet, any person who did not practice walking constantly, in addition to the need to consult a doctor. A specialist in taking anti-inflammatories, which lasts for periods of time not less than 3 weeks.