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7 reasons behind heart disease .. Know the methods of prevention

Heart disease is considered one of the most chronic diseases that afflict a person with it, due to the inability to lead a normal life.

The medical website “the health” stated that heart diseases that are usually prevalent are related to valve diseases, rheumatic fever, in addition to genetic diseases and diseases of the heart muscle. As for coronary heart injuries, they are spread throughout the world more than the developing ones because of their faster life.

The medical report published on the website added that the reason for the spread of heart disease is:


1. Smoking.

2. Diabetes.

3. High cholesterol in the blood.

4. Psychological stress.

5. Bad eating habits.

6. Population and spread of disease transmission as a result of lack of ventilation.

7. Lack of health awareness and the spread of tonsillitis.

The report provides a number of tips to avoid heart disease, including:


1. Awareness of people's health, keeping the throat from being sore, and removing the tonsils in case of recurrence, to prevent rheumatic fever.

2. Refrain from smoking.

3. Avoid fatty foods, eat fresh vegetables, and eat boiled or grilled with olive oil or corn.

4. Regular non-violent moderate exercise.

5. Maintaining the levels of salt and sugar in food.

6. Follow-up the periodic examination every year to detect high blood pressure or diabetes quickly.

7. Stay away from psychological pressure and tension.

8. Stay away from places contaminated with smoke that causes disease.