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7 obligations for SMS companies to protect the rights of mobile customers

Recently, the reliance of many major companies and economic institutions on mobile SMS sending companies has spread to target the customer base they wish to reach to ensure the success of their marketing campaign or effective communication with their customers. In the following report, we mention the most prominent 7 obligations of SMS companies to protect the rights of customers mobile.



SMS sending companies are companies concerned with providing group and single SMS services, and they obtain approval from the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority before their establishment.


1- Providing single and group text messaging services to end users through the networks of those licensed to provide mobile phone services.

2- Take all necessary institutional and technical procedures and steps to protect and confidentiality of information and data of end users or customers and their messages.


3- Not to provide location services to the user, and he is also obligated not to transfer data related to locating people or things without obtaining a prior written consent from the licensor.


 4- Not to provide any of the single and group text messaging services to the end user or to enter any end user into any service without his prior consent even if the service is free.

5- Granting the right to mobile users to terminate the service at any time he wants, or to obtain his prior consent for the duration of his reception of the service.

6- Show the name of the sender ID of all messages sent from it to the end user.


7- Providing collective and individual short text message services to users without discrimination for any reason, and he has no right to refrain from doing so without giving reasons, and he is also obligated to collect the financial compensation from the end user in return for providing messaging services either through distinctive short numbers or periodic subscriptions.