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7 goals of the Gas Market Regulatory Authority, the most important of which are to attract and encourage investments

The Egyptian natural gas market is considered one of the large and promising markets, which attracts the attention of international companies, especially with the increasing importance of natural gas as one of the most important environmentally friendly fuels, which are characterized by global competitiveness, in addition to the large gas discoveries of the Mediterranean and the emergence of new players in the global gas market. In view of the expansion of the activities and scope of the gas business, the following are the most important objectives of the Gas Market Regulatory Authority, which were as follows:



1 - Regulating all matters related to the activities of the gas market and its follow-up and control.


2 - Working to ensure that gas networks and facilities are available to third parties to ensure the quality of the services provided.


3- Creating the appropriate climate to gain access to the competitive market and to avoid monopolistic practices.


4- Taking into account the interests of all participants in the gas market and protecting the rights of consumers.


5- Providing information, reports and recommendations to consumers and participants in the gas market.


6 - Ensure the optimal use of infrastructure networks and facilities.


7 - Attracting and encouraging investments in the field of gas market activities.