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5 healthy seeds that help you lose weight, including chia and flax seeds

Weight gain is a major concern for many not only because it affects our appearance, but also because it is linked to many life-threatening diseases. We know that the healthy way to lose weight is to exercise daily and eat healthy food but you should know that some seeds are very healthy and can Help in weight loss, according to the pinkvilla website.


1- Flax seeds


Flaxseeds are filled with many nutrients that not only aid in weight loss but also overall health. It is one of the best sources of soluble fiber that can lower bad cholesterol also known as LDL in the blood, and balance blood sugar level. The seeds are one of the The best plant-based sources of protein, protein is very important for weight loss, in the metabolism process.


2- Chia seeds


Chia seeds are also a superfood and a must in your diet even if you are not following any weight loss program. Loaded with protein, fiber, magnesium, potassium, iron and low in fat, chia seeds help suppress appetite, treat bloating and keep you active for longer.


3- Pumpkin seeds


Pumpkin seeds are full of protein and fiber which will keep you satiated and your cravings will be less. They are also a good source of zinc which helps boost our metabolism naturally and they are also known for their high fiber content.


4- Sesame seeds


Full of fibre, zinc, magnesium, calcium, vitamin E, etc., the seeds also help speed up the metabolism. The best part is that they have a great taste and aroma. According to reports, you can consume about 15 to 25 grams of sesame seeds daily.


5- Watermelon seeds


A great source of micronutrients and bioactive compounds, it is full of important nutrients such as protein, calcium, potassium, zinc, etc., along with fiber, reduces the risk of heart disease, keeps blood sugar under control, and boosts immunity, you can eat it raw or dried in the sun.