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4 reasons behind colon pain .. most notably psychological stress

Many people suffer from abdominal pain, which has several causes, whether in the stomach, colon or other pains that affect the gallbladder, liver or kidneys, and here we address the pain of the colon, which can come due to the tension and anger that haunts the person during his day and causes fluctuation and pain in the colon that hurts the sufferer Frequently, according to the medical website “health line”, colon infection has a number of causes, including some wrong behaviors, and among the most prominent symptoms of colitis are severe malaise, inability to breathe normally, high temperatures, and severe stomach infections.


The main causes of colon infection are:


1 Exposure to stress and psychological tension during daily life.


2- Eating hot foods that contain hot pepper and spices.


3- Taking medications for chronic diseases that directly affect the colon.


4- Excessive eating unhealthy fast food that carries a lot of harmful fats.


The report explained that the most prominent treatments for the colon are to stay away from foods that provoke the colon pain and lead to severe bloating, including cauliflower, balls, onions, cabbage, beans, and the legumes they contain, which become heavy in eating them on the colon.


He also advised to stop eating spicy foods such as chili or a lot of spices in food, in addition to avoiding eating dairy products that provoke colitis during periods of suffering from colon pain, and staying away from eating fast foods that contain more heavy fats on the colon and always resorting to healthy foods that Soothing the stomach and colon together.