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Watch ... a cable car accident in Italy kills 9 people, and two children are in critical condition

At least nine people were killed and two children were in critical condition when a cable car collapsed near the Italian town of Stresa in the north of the country and near the border with Switzerland, according to the Spanish newspaper Alperiodico.

The Italian newspaper "Al-Massagiro" indicated that the cable car covered the road from Lake Maggiore to Mount Mutaroni, when the cable that supports it, for reasons that are still under investigation, cut 300 meters from the arrival station, at the highest part of the road, as it reached a height of 1,400 meters above sea ​​level.

 Rescue and recovery operations were so complicated because the cabin fell in the middle of the woods within a particularly inaccessible area, so much so that the fire engine heading into the area ended up capsizing on the slope of the terrain, without the victims regretting it.

The newspaper pointed out that there were 11 people on the cable car, and the two children were transported to a center in Turin.

The cable car opened in 1970, and runs along one of the longest cable routes in Europe and resumed work on April 24, after restrictions were eased due to the Coronavirus pandemic. According to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, it underwent a 2016 renovation with funding from the Piedmont region, and the Stresa City Council where the cables underwent magnetic analysis to confirm their reliability.