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UEFA Champions League Final Referee ... Enemy of Guardiola and Manchester City

UEFA has assigned the final match of the Champions League to the well-known Spanish referee Antonio Matteo Lahues, who has long had problems with his compatriot Pep Guardiola, Manchester City coach, as well as City before Guardiola's stage in previous matches.

Matteo Lahues, 44, gave Guardiola his dismissal orders after he was challenged by the City coach because he had refused a foul in a goal against Liverpool in the Champions League quarter-final in 2018.

The Catalan tackled the Valencia-born in the first half after canceling a goal from Leroy Sane's shot, after James Milner, the Liverpool player, played the ball to the wing.

 City were 1-0 ahead at the time as they tried to reverse their 3-0 defeat in the first leg, and in the end they lost 2-1, as Pep Guardiola sat in the stands and his assistant, Mikel Arteta, gave instructions from the touchline.

The City coach said at the time: "I did not insult him, I was polite when I spoke to him, I was right, but Matteo Lahues is a special man, who loves to be different, and he likes to be special."

City also had other disagreements with Matteo Lahues, in 2017, he failed to award a penalty kick from Monaco's goalkeeper Daniel Subacic over Sergio Aguero.

Subasic was also supposed to be sent off, but it was the Argentine striker who received a yellow card for being accused of acting.

Despite City's 5-3 victory after a controversial penalty kick by Radamel Falcao, which was saved by Willy Caballero, they were eliminated with goals outside their home after losing the second leg.

Also in October 2017, Matteo Lahues awarded two penalties to Napoli during City's 2-1 group stage victory over the Italian team at the "Al Ittihad" stadium.

In contrast, Matteo Lahues took over Chelsea's matches twice, in 2014 the Blues won 1-0 in Sporting Lisbon and the following year they lost 2-1 in Porto.