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Tunisia, China and Norway call for an open meeting of the Security Council on the situation in Palestine

Attaché at the diplomatic department headed by the Tunisian Republic, Walid Al-Hijam, confirmed that Tunisia, China and Norway submitted a request to hold an open meeting of the Security Council, based on a request submitted by Palestine. Where the matter needs to be assumed by one or more members of the Council to submit the request to hold the meeting

France, Ireland, Estonia, Vietnam, Saint Vincent, the Grenadines and the United Kingdom joined the tripartite request, and the open session is expected to take place at the beginning of next week.

While the Israeli occupation army announced that the air and ground forces of the occupation army launched raids at this hour in the Gaza Strip.

In turn, the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that the death toll from the Israeli aggression on Gaza rose to 109 Palestinians, including 28 children and 15 women, and 621 injuries with various injuries.