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The Referees Committee nominates 6 names to run the next Al-Ahly and Zamalek Summit

Ayman Digish, a member of the FIFA Referees Committee, revealed the nominees to manage the summit match, which brings together the Egyptian football poles on May 10, in the 21st round of the General League competition. To request the appointment of a specific judge or object to the appointment of a specific judge, this is the prerogative of the Referees Committee, and in the last period the Tripartite Committee ended the material problems and the rulers ’dues.

He added: Ibrahim Nour al-Din, Mahmoud Ashour, Ahmed al-Ghandour, Amin Omar and Muhammad Adel, there are about 6 governors nominated to run the summit, and we wish them success in that mission and we hope that they will have media support and not attack them constantly and not be a peg in any position.

The committee that runs the Football Association rejected Al-Ahly's request to bring in foreign referees for its next matches in the general league, and the committee insisted that the competition be completed with the Egyptian referees.

A source at the Football Association revealed that the current committee completely refuses to bring foreign referees to any match in the league, and the committee has previously announced this in an official statement, and the position of the committee in this matter will not be changed.


The management of the Al-Ahly club sent a letter this morning to the Football Association requesting the appointment of foreign referees from the first European classification for all upcoming Al-Ahly matches, and that the club bear all financial costs, according to the competitions regulations «Article 110 c- In the event that any club requests the appointment of foreign referees for any participating match In it, and the Union agreed to fulfill its request.


This club is obligated to pay the costs of summoning referees, arbitration allowances, transfers, accommodation, etc., in foreign currency, at least two weeks before the match. - Article 111: The Federation shall bear the costs of bringing in foreign referees for important matches of public sensitivity for reasons of public security, which are determined by the Federation’s Board of Directors.


In the event of rejection, the club asked FIFA officials to show the truth to the public opinion and announce the reasons, especially that Al-Ahly will bear all the financial costs for that .. Al-Ahly also asked in his speech to clarify the matter about the intransigence that many touch.