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The Israeli occupation forces arrest 3 Palestinian youth from the West Bank

Today, Friday, the Israeli occupation forces arrested 3 Palestinians from the West Bank.


Palestinian TV reported that the occupation forces arrested, at dawn today, a young man from Abu Anjim village, east of Bethlehem, called Uday Ismail Al-Harimi (20 years), after they raided his relatives' home and searched it.

 The brother of the martyr Wafa Abd al-Rahman al-Baradei, 34, was arrested in the Jalajil area near the town of Bani Naim, east of Hebron, after raiding her house, indicating that the young man, Izz al-Din Farhat Fashafsheh (25 years), was arrested after storming his house and tampering with its contents after storming the town with a vehicle carrying the West Bank plate. .