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The Chilean Senate calls on Israel to abide by its responsibilities towards the health status of the Palestinians

The Chilean Senate adopted a resolution calling on the Chilean government to remind Israel of its obligations under international humanitarian law and to provide Corona vaccines for Palestinians living under occupation.


The Chilean Senate, according to the Palestinian News Agency, called on his country's government to contribute to international efforts to support the Palestinians during the pandemic.


In a statement today, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates welcomed this decision, and appreciated the moral and political responsibility shown by the Chilean Senate in the face of the abominable reality of the occupation, praising the keenness of the members of the Council to closely follow what is happening on the land of Palestine, and their eagerness to express their support for the rights of the Palestinian people through the adoption of important decisions Like this, and remind their government of the responsibility of the international community to provide immediate protection for the Palestinians.


The Foreign Ministry stated that the decision comes at a time when Israeli, international and specialized international reports on the transformation of Israel, the occupying power, into a state of racial discrimination and apartheid, have increased through its policies that show its intentions to preserve the domination of the Israelis over the Palestinians in all aspects of life, even with regard to providing the vaccine in a form. Equal in the face of the Corona epidemic, which requires serious international action.