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The Algerian Chief of Staff witnesses the implementation of a tactical exercise with live ammunition in the west of the country

 The Algerian Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Said Chengriha, witnessed today, Wednesday, the implementation of a tactical exercise with live ammunition entitled (Decisiveness 2021), during his current visit to the third military district in the state of Bechar (west), on the border with Morocco.

A statement by the Algerian Ministry of Defense said today that Lieutenant General Chengriha witnessed the implementation of a tactical exercise with live ammunition entitled "Decisiveness 2021", which is the culmination of the combat preparation program for the year 2020-2021.

The statement added that the exercise was carried out by panels of the central operational sector supported by units of the Air Force.

The statement emphasized that the combat actions were characterized by high professionalism in all its stages and at an excellent tactical and operational level that reflects the high combat capabilities of the teams and commanders at all levels, especially those related to the optimal use of the field and high-level coordination between the various participating units, as well as the high efficiency of the cadres in the field of installation and management of various Combat actions, and the skill and ability of individuals to control the use of various weapons systems and equipment, which contributed to the achievement of satisfactory results.

General Chengriha stressed - during his meeting with the forces participating in the exercise - that the actual development and real improvement of the level necessitate giving utmost importance to preparing and conducting test exercises of various levels and plans, indicating that these exercises are very necessary for the development of combat experience, consolidating knowledge and capabilities, and instilling harmonious and integrated teamwork behaviors. .