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Saad Hariri congratulates the people of Lebanon on Eid Al-Fitr ... and affirms: Everyone must realize the gravity of the stage

Saad Hariri, the designated Lebanese Prime Minister, congratulated the people of his country and the Arab and Islamic nation on the onset of the happy month of Eid al-Fitr, wishing that everyone in Lebanon would realize what the country is going through during this stage.

Hariri wrote, through his Twitter account: “I offer the best congratulations from the Lebanese in general, and the Muslims in particular, on the occasion of the happy Eid al-Fitr, asking the honorable Lord on this occasion that everyone realizes the gravity of the stage, and what Lebanon is going through, so that we stop this terrible collapse, so that Dora returns to the East, And a beacon of science. "

Hariri added: "On this occasion, I salute our people in beloved Palestine for their steadfastness and defense of their rights and sacred things."

On the other hand, the Lebanese newspapers published this morning, Wednesday, confirmed that Lebanon has entered a state of political stalemate, as no significant contacts have been recorded between the concerned political forces to get the file of forming the new government out of the circle of systematic disruption and political entanglement, amid expectations that the crisis will continue beyond Eid al-Fitr holiday despite the worsening living and economic crises.

"Al-Nahar, Al-Gomhoria, Nidaa Al-Watan, Al-Liwa and Al-Sharq" newspapers reported that the increasingly negative facts and developments related to the economic, financial, monetary and social conditions in Lebanon portend catastrophic results under the weight of the intransigence of the political authority and the obstruction of the formation of the new government.