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Putin: We are ready to lift the protection of intellectual property from Corona vaccines

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed, on Thursday, Moscow's readiness to support a proposal to lift intellectual property protection for coronavirus vaccines, so that they can be used around the world.

Putin said during a video call with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova that "the ideas circulating in Europe to completely lift the protection of intellectual protection" from Corona virus vaccines "are" worthy of attention ", stressing that they are in line with the rules of the World Trade Organization that allow taking such a measure In emergency cases.

He continued: "Of course, Russia will support such an approach, bearing in mind that in the current circumstances we must think not about how to reap the maximum profit, but about ensuring the safety of people," adding that "safety can only be guaranteed if vaccines are used in the majority." Overwhelming nations of the world. "

In the same context, Putin said that the Russian anti-corona virus vaccines are the safest so far, and they are simple to use and reliable, like the Kalashnikov rifle.

"Today, all of our vaccines are known, and today the Sputnik Lite vaccine appeared. Our drugs depend on technologies and platforms that have been used for decades. They are also very modern, and today they are without a doubt the most reliable and safest," President Putin added.

And President Putin continued: "As one European expert said: Russian vaccines are reliable and reliable like a Kalashnikov automatic rifle. Yes. It was not us who said that, but rather one of the European experts, and I think he is definitely right. Russian vaccines are as simple and reliable as a gun."

The President noted that Russia is the only country in the world so far that provides vaccine production technologies to other countries.