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Pressure on Boris Johnson to cope with the lack of funding for the British health system

The French News Agency shed light on the lack of funding for the British health system, which has been strained by the Corona epidemic, and said that British medical workers have criticized the empty promises made by the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and feel that they have been "betrayed", while experts warn of the risks of the continued lack of investment.

The agency quoted nurse Stuart Tackwood as saying that the free British "National Health System" (NHS), which is appreciated by the British, was "basically in a difficult position." "We were late in the treatment times," due to the chronic shortage of staff and hospital beds, the official at the Union of Civil Service Employees (Unison) added.

Hospitals and their teams were then forced to deal with pressure and burdened work schedules for many waves of the devastating Covid-19 epidemic that killed 127,000 people in Britain, in the largest number of deaths in Corona among European countries.

Tackwood added that "many workers in the NHS suffer from tremendous physical and mental problems." Therefore, when "the government said that all it would give (to them) was an increase of one percent, they saw this as a great betrayal."

This small concession provoked anger beyond the circle of those concerned themselves. Leaders of the opposition Labor Party are demanding wage increases for those considered to be major workers, as is pop star Dua Lipa. Upon receiving a Brit Awards this week, Boris Johnson called for a "decent raise" for workers.

"The pressure on the NHS staff is unbearable and the people are overwhelmed," said Stuart Tackwood.

A recent study conducted by the British Medical Association on 2,100 medical workers revealed that more than one in five plans to leave the national health system and change work due to a year of stress and stress, according to the French agency.